Emergency Planning for CMS-Regulated Agencies

Don't just check the boxes to remain compliant. Provide your residences with opportunities for policy review, training, and exercises that meet your requirements AND encourage creative participation.

Being prepared for an emergency is not only a federal requirement, it is the right thing to do for your residents, patients, and staff.

Emergency Preparedness Regulation Guidance

Training Offerings for CMS-Regulated Agencies

COVID Recovery Series

Living and working through a global pandemic has taken a toll on our personal and professional lives. As we move toward recovery, it is vital to name, acknowledge, and integrate some of the challenges and struggles we've all faced. This 90-minute session will explore concepts such as traumatic and cumulative stress reactions, personal and collective grief, honoring loss, and celebrating individual and team resilience to answer the question, "Now what?". We will include some tools and resources to help you and your team strategically and confidently thrive post-pandemic.

Facilitated Peer Discussion:

Come to share your thoughts and reflections on your COVID story in a safe environment with your peers through a facilitated discussion with a focus on questions such as: 

  • What role(s) did you have during the COVID response?
  • What were some of the hardest or most challenging moments during the past two years?
  • Where are you feeling "stuck"?
  • What did you learn about yourself or your team during the response?

Explore strategies for recovery and building resilience such as transitioning, reframing, and managing expectations. (60-90-minute session)

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CMS Partner Virtual Exercises

  • Complete a functional, community-based exercise in your own facility with no travel required
  • Intended for healthcare coalitions or corporate agencies with multiple physical locations
  • Can accommodate up to 50 participating organizations at one time

Package includes:

  • Design Team Meetings (up to three, if desired)
  • Registration and Marketing Materials
  • Trusted Agent Prep Meeting (30 minutes)
  • Evaluator Prep Meeting (30 minutes)
  • Virtual Exercise Facilitation (2 hours)
  • Completion of an HSEEP Compliant After-Action Report within 60 Days

Sample exercises include:

  • The Big Bad Thing (cyber security)
  • Operation Open Door (evacuation and receiving facilities)
  • Not your Typical Pumpkin Spice (extreme weather and power outage)
  • Operation Shelter in Place (hazardous materials incident)

We will customize your training to meet your design scenario.

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Hospital or Nursing Home Incident Command (NHICS)

Have new leadership, or need a refresher? Emergency response thrives on an organized, flexible, scalable system with clear roles and responsibilities. Learn the basics of the Incident Command System or more complex concepts such as establishing incident objectives, unified command, and incident action planning.

No Incident Command System training is complete without the ability to practice key concepts. Plan to include a 1-1/2- hour tabletop exercise in your training.

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Succession Planning

The top businesses begin planning for succession well before a notice of retirement or letter of resignation is on their doorstep. Your staff are your most valuable asset, and not capturing the institutional knowledge of key staff who leave your agency can cost your business thousands in re-training, orientation, and lowered productivity. Let our team assist with developing a simple succession plan with tools that actually work!

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Ethics Planning

Is your agency founded on a core of ethics? How do you know? In alignment with health equity, do you follow a process for making decisions that are ethics-based? How do you handle complaints from your customers? Are they reviewed in a standardized way through an ethics lens? Let our team assist you in developing an ethics plan that will complement your health equity plan, ensuring your agency is built on a foundation of ethical practices and principles.

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Emergency Operations Plan Development or Review

If your agency or organization is struggling to find the time or resources to develop, write, or revise your Emergency Operations Plans, we are here to assist! We will meet with you to provide a localized plan that works! 

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Emergency Preparedness Education Series

This 9-part series gives an overview of key Emergency Preparedness topics to help prepare your agency leaders and staff. Additional topics of interest can be added. 

  • Creating a Culture of Emergency Preparedness
  • What's New with the Emergency Preparedness Ruling? Appendix Z
  • Risk Assessments and Emergency Preparedness planning
  • Health Equity in Emergency Preparedness planning
  • Health Literacy in Emergency Preparedness planning and why it matters.
  • Emergency Preparedness Succession planning
  • Now What? Building a Resilient team Post-COVID
  • Nuring Home Incident Command System (NHICS)
  • A Tale of Two Facilities: Planning for an Emergency Evacuation
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Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP) Series Session 1: Creating a Culture of Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP) Series Session 2: What’s New with Emergency Planning Rulings

Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP) Series Session 3: Risk Assessment

Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP) Series Session 4:Health Equity in EPP

Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP) Series Session 5:Health Literacy in EPP and Why It Matters

Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP) Series Session 6: Succession Planning

Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP) Series Session 7: Now What? Building Resiliency