Emergency Planning for Schools

Our team breaks down the government requirements and provides creative solutions to ensure mitigation factors are put in place that don't go dormant due to fatigue, the "it will never happen here" mentality, or simple human error.

Schools are required to have an All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan as well as a Health and Safety Plan for every building on campus.

Emergency Preparedness Regulation Guidance

Training Offerings for Schools

Family Assistance Center & Reunification

When major incidents or disasters happen, loved ones can get separated from each other. Unfortunately, when fatalities occur, positive identifications need to be made so that families can be notified and reunited with their loved ones to start the process of honoring, healing, and recovery.

Family assistance and reunification centers follow a standardized process under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to ensure that this process runs smoothly and efficiently, minimizes error, and provides optimum liability protection under local, regional, state, and federal emergency declarations. Optima EP provides didactic training as well as exercises to ensure your agency or jurisdiction understands the functions of this important emergency response resource.

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Succession Planning

The top businesses begin planning for succession well before a notice of retirement or letter of resignation is on their doorstep. Your staff are your most valuable asset, and not capturing the institutional knowledge of key staff who leave your agency can cost your business thousands in re-training, orientation, and lowered productivity. Let our team assist with developing a simple succession plan with tools that actually work!

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Ethics Planning

Is your agency founded on a core of ethics? How do you know? In alignment with health equity, do you follow a process for making decisions that are ethics-based? How do you handle complaints from your customers? Are they reviewed in a standardized way through an ethics lens? Let our team assist you in developing an ethics plan that will complement your health equity plan, ensuring your agency is built on a foundation of ethical practices and principles.

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Emergency Operations Plan Development or Review

If your agency or organization is struggling to find the time or resources to develop, write, or revise your Emergency Operations Plans, we are here to assist! We will meet with you to provide a localized plan that works! 

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